Karen IS Queen of Fantasy Fest 2019

Connected to the past. Committed to the future.

Fantasy Fest | Oct. 18-27, 2019

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Fantasy Fest Court Photo by Fran Decker

The 2019 Fantasy Fest court. (Photo by Fran Decker)

BREAKING NEWS: Queen Karen crowned just before 9:45 p.m., Oct. 18

Karen Frank-Noll was crowned Queen of the 40th Fantasy Fest tonight at the Truman Waterfront Park Amphitheater. She’s joined on the dais by King Ryan Acker. Congratulations to the entire court.

Meet Karen Frank-Noll

Karen’s mom had a rule: Never mix red and pink. No surprise that this extraordinary woman with a perpetual smile in her eyes and determination in her stride would happily turn that rule into a lifetime mantra of doing the least expected when it is most needed.

AH Monroe LogoFor more than a decade, Karen has done what needs doing throughout the Florida Keys. She makes a difference. She shows up. She does the right thing. She does the work. No drama, just a commitment to making the world — and the Florida Keys — a better place.

As a candidate for Queen of Fantasy Fest 2019, Karen takes her transformational journey another step. 

A queen you can count on

What do Karen’s supporters say about her?

“Karen is a super dooper fantastic lady! Key West would be so lucky to have her as Queen this year! You go Girl! “

“Karen is so caring for others, I hope to be like her when I grow up!”

“Karen is simply the BEST!”


Do good for the community — and have a great time, too. Whether you have a special skill to offer, or simply want to help, we are grateful.

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Six reasons to support Karen

  1. A heart of gold, caring and loving to all
  2. Dedicated and hard working
  3. Volunteers countless hours around the island
  4. Shows up every time there’s a need
  5. A true advocate for those with HIV and AIDS
  6. Simply put, she gets things done without the drama

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AH Monroe: Committed to the future

For more than three decades, AH Monroe’s mission was caring for those with AIDS and HIV. Known then as AIDS Help, the men and women who guided the organization ensured AH would “help people survive…which turned into enabling people to thrive…turning ignorance, fear and neglect into empowerment, medical regimens and an emphasis of managing wellness, not illness.”

Connected to the past

With its long tradition as one of the most accepting of communities in the country, Key West by the early 1980’s had a large gay population. Along with the existing population there was an influx of people with AIDS-related illnesses. Some were told by their doctors that treatment was available in Key West and they should go there for treatment, while others came to die. The AIDS epidemic hit the community hard. It is no understatement to say that the gay population was devastated. In 1983, it is estimated that almost 50% of the gay population living in Key West died from AIDS. On the AIDS Memorial in Key West, there are over a 1,000 names of gay men who died from the illness.”

— From “Thirty Years of Caring”

Karen for Queen

Are you ready to help?

Your time, talents and financial contributions to Karen’s campaign for Fantasy Fest Queen 2019 will ensure AH Monroe continues its three decade commitment to the Key West community. Your financial donations are tax-deductible.

You can make a difference: volunteer for the campaign; donate to Karen’s quest; register for and donate to one of Karen’s community events.

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